Turner of Life Counseling

Hope. Help. Healing.

We are Turner of Life Counseling

Our Mission

Turner of Life Counseling (TLC) mission it to help everyday people, who are facing challenges in life, in a manner that is affordable, convenient, confidential and holistic.

We are a team of trained therapists offers professional expertise and exceptional understanding to individual concerns in order to provide the best counseling service.

Our Goals

Expertise:  TLC Therapists are held to the highest standards of excellence, and bring the best of their education, experience and professional knowledge to their practice.

Empathy:  TLC Therapists bring empathy and compassion to every client interaction. Services are tailored to the person in a way that meet with the needs presented.

Holistic Care:  TLC Therapists utilizes an integrated counseling approach to provide comprehensive individualized care for the whole person. Assessment involves careful consideration of each person’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational wellbeing.

Counseling Process:  TLC Therapist work to build strong relationships with each person based on a mutual trust, confidence, and value of each person’s perspective regarding life. Through a dynamic and active process therapist focus on understanding the person in order to facilitate each person’s process of transformation, growth and hope.

*      Turner of Life Counseling offers hope through a well-defined program design focused on holistic healing and psychosocial skills development.

*      Hope is the fundamental element, which is able to undermine the effects of trauma, physical/ sexual abuse, anger, depression, and illiteracy.

*      Hope is to bring us to a place of productivity and wholeness.

Board of Directors

Ms. Lynn McCreary, Officer

Dr. Ben Craver, Officer

Ms. Sharon Nevil, Officer

Ms. Freda Thomas, Advisor

Counseling for Individuals, Children, Families and Groups